Sunday, April 11, 2010

{ Etsy Love } Finds using the search word "Elegant"

Large Elegant Clutch by JuliaSherryDesigns
Honey Crystal Briolette Earrings by GlitzGlitter
Champagne Blanc Embellished Woman Tee by lamarquisedesanges
L'ange Feather Flower Hair Accessory by JadeRoseDesigns
Aqua Seas, Modern Vintage Rhinestone Locket Necklace by SSSJ
Golden Girl Moleskine Journal by cutiepiecompany


  1. What lovely finds! I am so honored to be included among them!

  2. what a wonderful collection and you have such a pretty glog. Merci so much to have included my top and I am honore to be in such a good company :)